Online Personal Training (dutch & english language) Self Defence/Kickboxing/Street MMA etc.

If you want to train at home (because you find it more convenient, or of course in 2020 because of the corona restrictions by the authorities) or from your hotel room when you are travelling you can choose for the option to train online with live customized and interactive sessions. You will get instand feedback which is of much more value then a online group session (even when the group sesions are live the attention of the instructor is compromised by splittin it up to others.

The regular duration of such a training is 45 minutes and the cost just 25.

You will need Skype (free software or .WhatsApp is also an option but smaller screen. There are other options like Zoom.

So if:

You live in Canada ‘ in the woods’ and you still want to learn indonesian Pencak Silat?

You are in Rio de Janeiro and you want to learn flipino martial arts?

You live in Amsterdam and you’re too damn lazy to travel to Rotterdam to work on those flabby arms:) !

Get online it done online !

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online personal training boxing
online personal training boxing